Human Resources

Kong Chou Construction adds to Taiwan's competitive advantages.

We rose because of the coherence demonstrated by the elite team.

Our technology takes root and leads by example and helps Taiwan become active on the international stage.

Commitment to Talent Development: A sound talent development and management system is created. Outstanding professional practical training and guidance are provided to develop outstanding and professional management talent in the construction industry.
Policy on Talent Development:
1. To consolidate the corporate management belief and develop core competitive advantages of the Company.
2. To help employees acquire professional knowledge and skills and provide them with career planning.
3. To develop occupationally capable management, consolidate professionalism, pass down experience, and cultivate professional talent and teams capable of autonomous management.
4. To create a corporate and organizational culture featuring constant improvement and innovation.

Welfare System

Join Kong Chou and Embrace Happiness!

Talent is an important asset for Kong Chou. We firmly believe that joint efforts from our colleagues is key to our success. Therefore, we constantly devote ourselves to perfecting the salary and welfare system so that employees are reasonably rewarded for the accomplishments from their hard work and their performance.

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