Quality Team Buildup of Experiences

Resilient robustness is the careful attitude of the Kong Chou professional team towards construction. The secure cornerstone built on experiences over the years contributes to technologies that lead the industry. Kong Chou Construction has transformed itself into a leading magnate in construction from its original engineering business.


Great and Fearless Kindhearted Business

To be free of regret in the world, Kong Chou Construction only does business that is true to its heart, free of regret and fearless, unselfish and with no additional demands. It is particularly careful of details that are invisible to customers and is fully committed to its corporate mission of providing sustainable services.


Challenge Taker in Pursuit of Breakthroughs

Kong Chou Construction values the public demand for quality of life. With our professional technologies and a sincere heart, we move the public through constantly innovative construction projects in order to break through prior boundaries and feel the wonder in life.

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Professionalism, Integrity, InnovationCornerstones to Sustainable Inheritance

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