Xinshe Barracks Area Renovation Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Stage 2 Project - Main Part)

Xindian Barracks Area Construction


1. The existing trees are retained, without purchasing new trees; greenery is made possible with transplantation, temporary planting, and colonization.
2. The main building is designed with deep windows to reduce sunlight exposure.
3. BIM is introduced for management in order to reduce related earthwork, mechanical/electrical, or air-conditioning conflicting points.

Name of Project:
Xindian Barracks Area Renovation Project
Builder :
Land Administration of Taichung City Government
Design and Surveillance of Construction:
Yuxiaolan Architecture Firm
Undertaking Unit:
Kong Chou Construction Co., Ltd.
Project Overview:
1. New: three factories are repaired, two administration and officer/soldier dormitories, one security building, one reception room, two military supply warehouses, three equipment storage steel sheds, two sentries, one disposal area, two variable motor rooms, one storage area, five reservoirs, and one slop oil area, 24 in total.
2. Renovation: one warehouse for the material preparations section, one warehouse renovation, and one restaurant renovation, three in total.
3. Landscape Additional Project: gutter, fence, peripheral AC, RC road, parking lot, basketball court, detention pond, landscape...among others.
Base Area:
Floor Area:
Started On:
Completed On: